Need Beta Testers for One Thing Only

Hey there, so I said I wouldn’t enter the clue contest but guess what? I’m deciding to enter my first contest :smiley:

I’ve worked on a CC template (it may look a little strange at times, I think, but I got lazy at some points and my brain started hurting) I tested it on Samsung BTW.

Anyways, I need beta testers to test my CC template out (max 5 people but maybe more, I’ll see). Since I want to keep everything on the hush for now, I’ll provide the link in PM so you can test my template out. Just the template, that’s all. I’ll invite people that I trust and I’ve talked to only.

Thank you for your time :heart:


:raised_hand: Pick me!

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Me too :raising_hand_woman:t4:
If i’m not too late.

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