Need bit of help

Hey guys im new here so I have absolutely no idea how anything works xD
Basically someone asked me if I wanted to be a “background character” I was like “okay”, although I had no idea wat they were talking about :joy:
then they asked me for my “details”, and thats when I knew I was lost!!
Can someone plz explain me both that ^ and any other things that I need to know lol cuz your girls losttttt

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When you create an episode story, you need characters.

The person is asking to use one of your characters that you created.

Finding your details.


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oh so I just give them a random character look?

Background characters are characters for their episode story they are writing

Character Details are what youre character look like for example mine is :point_down::point_down:

Usually its what you would like youre episode avatar would look like

ohh so it can be a random character? and how did you send that pic?

Take a screenshot using the Print Screen button.
To make a picture like Mystik’s, people often use a photo editing app.

ohhh kk, but on the app when I go to the change outfit thing, I don’t have that many options, like that hair you have and all of them outfits

Im using the character customization on the writer portal…those are usually updated

wheres the writer portal? on the computer?

It can be random. Or it can be one that describes or replicates you.

writer portal is…when you want to write a story the url is

oh kk, so this character is permanent like every time anyone ask I wanna be a background character I just give dis one?

It’s your choice.
Often I see people sending the same character, which I would suggest doing. And they will change their outfit for the role.

In my opinion, you don’t need to create a new character every time you apply for a role. Unless they have specific requirements.

ohhh kk tysm x you guys really helped me lol

Welcome to the community!