Need Character Edits? Come here! (Closed temporarily)


Hi guys. I have recently learnt to do character edits BUT I CAN ONLY EDIT THEIR CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES AND NOTHING ELSE. I cannot do much complicated things but I can edit their costumes and accessories nicely and other simple things.

  1. No. of Edits:
  2. Clothes/ Accessories or Both:
  3. Date by which you need:
  4. Description of the clothes and accessories:
  5. Character Details

You have to credit me


Thank You,

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  1. Just one please :blush:
  2. none
  3. whenever no rush


5. basically above

Of course i will credit you in my story and on instagram, if you want you can put a watermark on as well :blush::blush::blush: thanks heaps!


also can you have alex doing the blush animation?
and have jen do the blush as well thanks again!


Okay …I will need a few days…my exms are still.going on.
Can I make a little bit of changes and edits on the clothes and accessories…cuz it’s an edit…I mean I will not change your clothes but I will add a little bit of style and design on it.
And also give me the background on which I will but the characters.

Thnks for the credit and you can always ask for a redo


If you want you give me a brief idea of what you want else I will do my own :blush:


Here’s the background, thanks again for doing this and edits to the clotes are fine


can you crop it to the left side of the image please?


Hi. Can you edit a background?


Ok I will PM you if I have doubts


Depends whether it is too tough or simple


This background. Just to change anything. Because Episode didnät approve this background :persevere:


Did you take it from internet? It can be a reason cause of which episode will not approve.


Yes, I found this one in Google. I message episode, they said if I edit the picture, they will approve it. But I can’t edit, I think know how :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: so …


Okay…gimme a few days… I will see what I can do


Thank you, swettie :kissing_heart:


Hey…@lawful_evil …I’m sorry…I actually cannot edit a background…but I have told a friend of mine. She told you to message her on Instagram…it’s @khushi3pisode. You DM her on Instagram. She edits well. I’m so sorry…but I recently realized I can only edit characters. Since I recently started it will take me some time to learn.


Hi! Can I see an example of your work?


Yesss…I will give an example.I can give only one…I actually working on another…it’s not yet completed…and I have learnt a little more so I edit I will give you will be an old one…my new one will be much more improved. You know practice makes people better. I am giving…wait


Okay…I cannot give today…I will give tomorrow. Actually I hav the photo in my P.C and I am texting from my phone. I cannot open my P.C today…so I am gonna give you tomorrow. Sorry


Here, is my first edit. I am having another edit coming up…as soon as I finish I will post it here. It will be far better. It’s my promise.