Need Character for my new story! [INK]

Hi Episodians! I’m making yet another new story and I need your characters…if you’re interested. The Story is called “The Wedding Planner”.

Summary of the Story

Basically it’s about you (Full character customization) living your dream job as a wedding planner after your last week of university. You the CEO of the most popular business , you have to juggle between planning weddings for other people while finding love at the same time.

Character's Needed
  • Couples (As much as possible)
  • Best Friends (Maximum 4)
  • Competition Wedding Planner (Maximum 1)
  • Background Characters
    *Love Interest 1’s ex girlfriend
    *Love Interest’s Best friends (Maximum 3)
    *Owners for venues (Maximum as many as possible)
Reserved Characters

Still in need.


Best friends please :grin:

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I hope i can get Best Friend or anything will do

Character Deatils

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What’s her name? :blush:


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Role: Couples

Name: Ayame
Hair: Long Curly Hair (Light Blue)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (White)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Plum)
Body: Ink female (Fair)

Outfit: Green Lace Peek Blouse, Goth Girl Skirt, Plain Sheer Leggings, Emerald Sporty Chic Sneakers , Silver Pendant Necklace ,Silver Rising Star Earrings, Rectangular Thin Glasses

Name: Kai
Hair: Spiked up hair (blasting blue)
Face: Square jaw
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Eyes: Classic round (White)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Small round (blush)
Body: Light

Outfit: Cool Leather Jacket, tank top (cream), Cargo Pants (Black), and Black High Top Dance Shoes

Name: Yuna
Hair: Short Curly Hair (Purple)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Downturned Natural (Purple)
Nose: Elven
Lip: Full Round (Raven)
Body: Light

Outfit: Goth Girl Top (Dusty Purple), Skater Navy Blue Ripped Shorts, Sheer Star Leggings, Goth Girl Shoes, Moon Necklace

Name: Haru
Hair: Long Bangs (black)
Face: Defined Triangle
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Eyes: Round Piercing (Purple)
Nose: Button
Lip: Uneven (blush)
Body: Light

Outfit: Mauve Blue Crewneck Sweater, Black Tight Pants, Skater Guy Black Sneakers, Skater Guy Beanie

PS- You can change their outfits if you want.

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Role: Love Interest best Friend or someones love interest doesn’t matter :two_hearts:
Name: Naya
Skin: Light
Brow: Seductive Round
Hair: Updo Braided Crown (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round (Blush)
OUTFIT (But doesn’t matter, I do have glasses tho, lol)
Black Short Onesie Bottom, Plain Swimsuit Top (Cream), Small Fishnets, Wedding Long Sleeve, Lace Top (Dusty Purple), Thin Clear Circular Glasses, Calf Boots Black
Personality: Tough Hearted, but very nice and strong-minded

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Can I be a best friend?:two_hearts:

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Dawns outfit

Can they be a couple

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  • Name: Ari
  • Skin: Tan
  • Brow: Seductive Arch
  • Hair: Long Slicked Back (Black)
  • Eyes: Upturned Feline (Green)
  • Face: Diamond
  • Nose: Celestial
  • Lips: Classic (Ruby Red)
  • Fashionista Necklace
  • Black Studded Bustier
  • Gold Biker Jacket
  • Black Zipper Heels
  • Black Leather Leggings
Character for Reference

Role: Love interest’s best friend

Role: Competitive wedding planner

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You are welcome to use these characters if you’d like


image image
Roan’s Personality- Love the colors black blue and red, Brave, Caring, Withdrawn, Loyal, & Protective
Christina’s Personality- Loves the colors black and blue, Shy, Clumsy, Akward, Honest, Hardworking, & Stubborn
They are a couple so wherever you see fits is fine

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Role: I will be any role if you need it, preferably one that shows up in more than 3 - 5 episodes.

Additional Info

Style: Casual, comfy, somewhat trendy I guess?
Personality: Sassy, thoughtful, caring, honest, talkative but introverted
Fav Colors: Pastels and black

Credit on here - @sierra.martinez

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My main female Character

My main male character

Credit my insta: @blossomepisode

Can we be a couple please

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I’ll be an owner of a venue if you want since I have no plus 1.

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Face shape: oval
Skin tone: tan
Nose: upturned
Hair: straight black
Eyebrows: seductive arched
Lips: blosom scarlet
Eyes: upturned feline green
I would like to be the badass best friend or competitive frenemy, please.
Still, if that spots are not free, I can be anyone (just show me in more than 5 episodes)

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