Need character for my story (LIMELIGHT)

Hey guys! I need several characters for my upcoming story --> Powerfull or Poweress - I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know! When I put a star, it’s because it is a pretty important character . So I need …


Figurants characters females : 3/5

Figurants characters males : 1/5

Best friend’s boyfriend : 0/1

*Hero girl(in normal life) : 0/1

*Hero boy(in normal life) : 0/3

Bitch/mean girls : 2/2

I’m surely going to need more character than that so there are going to be updates on this topic ! :slight_smile:

Thank You !

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That’s my character for limelight feel free to use her. And any outfit. I think I have a black one I could screenshot it if u like and send that to u as well, but this one I have already

Cool thx - Sure I will !

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I have a male character to if u would like to use him let me know and I’ll send u the screen shot and info

Thx this will certainly do :slight_smile:

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Can I be one of the mean girls? I will send you the character details tomorrow (it is late at night where I live)

yeah sure just send me your features and an outfit :slight_smile:

Female Guardian/trainer (when you said that she Needs to look badass, gotic look (black short hair, clothes) I tough of this) details:
Name: Bryce
Skin: Beige rose
Face: Triangle defined
Hair: Blunt bangs short (Black)
Brow: Round medium (Black)
Eyes: Monolid slender (Grey)
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Full heart pouty (Red deep gloss)
As for her outfit you can choose one depending on her role.

Can I be Hero girl?

Here are the details of my character, if I can’t be the Hero girl, just anything is okay

I hope I can be in you story, I would love to xx

Oml, I would love LOOOVEEE to be the main Bitchhhhh
Character details:
Hair: Long feathered (Chestnut Brown)
Skin: (Beige gold)
eyes: round downturned wide (light brown)
face shape: heart soft
eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Lips: full heart pouty (any colour)
nose: broad round
Character name: Mora
Surname (if you need it): Verdi
Lol hope u can use the character
MoOmiZoOmi out xx

yes sure !


Did you check my character’s details ?

yeah it’s great thanks

tysm :two_hearts:


Hey I would need a “bitchy” outfit with it, do you think you can make one?


yeah sure