Need characters ASAP (LL)

I am in need of characters for my new story it is going to be about a gang and would appropriated if you sent your characters in to be apart of the gang and also other roles
i would need: Name, Details, sexuality, background story, personality and also your social media

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Here’s one!

Sexuality: straight
Personality: funny, sarcastic, cold, over-protective, has trust issues
Background: Not a very interesting background, kinda generic, lives with both parents and 2 brothers! Works as a clothes designer, and is 26!
My insta: @usaukuma

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Thank you so much if i wanted to add the brothers in or anything what should i do x

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Well you can add them, I just don’t have their detail cards since they aren’t main characters!

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okays how old would they be but i might not add them this is just a maybe

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They are twins! So 28

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okays and names

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Archie & Ander

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Hey annielove,

I have a clownesk couple for you!! :wink:
My character and my just created Epi-bae!!
Ok… Their personality:
Since it is a gang-story… My character is the joker and a member of the main gang and my epic-bae the joker and a part of the ‘enemies’ gang (little Romeo and Juliet-idea). They both aren’t really smart, but since they met, they are inseparable… They both are straight… And are very loyal to their gang and to their epi-bae. :wink:

AngelWings details LL

Skin tone -> Neutral 02
Brows -> Arch Natural Scar, Dark Brown
Hair -> Braided bun, Warm Pink
Eyes -> Sharp Almond, Dark Brown
Face -> Square Mature
Nose -> Round Button
Lips -> Full Heart Pouty, Rose Gloss

Tattoo = Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Shoes = Jewel Encrusted Heels Leather Grey Black
Leggings = Ripped Tight Leggings Denim Blue Oxford
Shirt = Short Sleeve Double Striped Shirt White Red Grey
Jacket = Studded Open Jacket V Neck Shirt Blue Black
Extra = Silhouette Cameo Choker Ribbon Black

AngelWings Bae ‘Devil D’ LL :

Skin tone -> Rose 03
Brows -> Furrowed Raised S, Copper Red
Hair -> Medium Side Curls, Copper Red
Eyes -> Oval Wide, Blue Deep
Face -> Square Long Jaw Stubble
Nose -> Button Wide
Lips -> Full Heart Natural, Neutral Medium Nude Gloss


Tattoo = Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
Scar = Scar Across Nose (04-07)
Top = Faded Vintage Band T Shirt Cotton Grey Cool
Pants = Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Light Warm
Shoes = High Top Classic Leather Black
Bracelet = Handcuff Metal

Credit: @AngelWings_1983

Good luck, hun…
Give me some credit and PM or DM me, when your story is ready…

Love A-W

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She is strong, independent, more into serious business, care for family, ruthless for enemies.
She killed her abusive father, spent 2years in jail. After coming back home she let a college friend Noah in her life, but in a tragedy Noah was killed and then she joined a gang that helped her find the murders of Noah.

He is a hacker, funny in nature, kind hearted, love and trust Roy with all his heart and soul.
He is Straight.
He is a common person with a common life until Roy came into his life and he started working for her. He is by her side since they met.
They are lovers

Insta - roy_episode


Okay so the gang she joined could be the mcs gang x

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Okay hun it can be my gangs alliance then and what are there names x



Name : Jose

Brows and color: Arched Medium and Black Dark
Eyes and color: Deepset Downturned Lidded and Hazel Dark
Lip and color: Medium Heart and Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
Hair and color: Side Swept Medium Hair Solid and Black Dark
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Face shape: Chiseled Angular
Skin tone:Neutral 05

He’s straight

Both of his parent were murdered and he was taken by his uncle, his uncle raised him but kicked him out and he turned to the dark side for work, and is looking to become the leader of some dangerous.

(He can be an enemy or a mole.)

Is always looking to be at the top of things even if he have to be ruthless and manipulative

My characters name is AngelWings or A-W… My Epi-baes name is Devil D. :wink:

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I don’t have social media.


Personality: Outgoing, fun, smart, serious, strong, fighter, loyal, teasing people, and she can be scary when she torturing people for fun

Backstory: Her parents were murdered the night on her 10th birthday. The killer were never caught. She was put in orphanage and met a boy name Kai who later became her husband. After she grew up, she became assassin, making money and searching the killer. She got a hire to kill one of the gang leader, but she failed and got caught by the leader. Instead of killing her, she was asked to join gang.

Sexuality: Straight


Personality: Easygoing, fun, funny, silly, playful, fighter, charming, and lovey dovey his wife

Backstory: His mother dropped him to orphanage and left him. He was an angry kid and troublemaker. He would often fight with the kids and bullied them. Later, he changed after he first saw Ayame was brought over, he fell in love with her. When he grew up, he married Ayame. He also became assassin and help her search the killer. He’ll follow her and will do anything for his wife.

Personality: Straight


Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, bad@ss, fighter, mean, party and overprotective

Backstory: She ran away home from her abusing parents when she was 13 years old. She’s been living on the street ever since. In order to survive, she began to steal, prostitute and sell drugs. She tried to steal money from the leader, but she was caught. The leader likes her ability and skills. She was asked to join the gang.

Sexuality: Bisexual


Personality: Unfriendly, cold hearted, harsh, blunt, nerdy, smart and he’s nice with someone he knows

Backstory: He was born by a rich parents. He is genius and talented guy. His parents had control his lives and he had no freedom. He couldn’t stand any longer and left the house. He had gone underground and became one of the greatest Top Hacker.

Sexuality: Bisexual

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You can use any name.

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Okays hun x

Would it be okay if he was a mole that went to our rival gang?

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[Female MC](

Her name is Angel. She’s mistaken as a “badass” but is actually really humble and kind she just doesn’t listen to people she doesn’t agree with and doesn’t follow “dumb” rules. Her skin tone is Copper 3. She has dark black hair in a slick ponytail, deepset upturned wide silver, black dark eyebrows arched with a natural scar, a diamond face, defined natural nose, and deep red matte full round pouty lips. Structure Bralette Top Denim Light White, Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue, Chunky Sneakers Leather Pastel Yellow, Hoop Earring Large Metal Gold, Plate Gold Necklace Metal Gold, and Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Gold. That’s her outfit by the way :slight_smile:

[Male MC](

His name is Adrian. He is also super humble but sees past her “badass” vibe. He’s kind but like her, he doesn’t listen to bad rules. He’s also very pprotective of his friends and his sister but mostly of Angel and his sister. His skintone is Copper 4. He has messy undercut dark black hair, dark black straight medium scar eyebrows, Deepset Downturned Lidded pale brown eyes, diamond soft face, straight pointed nose, and medium heart pink peach medium matte lips. As for his outfit, Swoopneckshortsleeveplain Neutral Grey Lt Warm, Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black, Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black, Skull And Roses Arm Tattoo, Studded Belt Leather Black, Cross Necklace Metal Silver

Can they be apart of the gang and are they a couple