**Need characters** {CLOSED}

Hey, so i need some background characters but who knows maybe ill use some as important people.

thanks, zeus


I filled out :slight_smile:



I filled it out but don’t understand why we had to put a number as the answer for eyebrows? The ones I chose are thick flat and my screenshot is:

i hit the wrong button, it’s fixed now. ill put the people in rn!!

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what story is it for?

for my story, its called My Love For You

Hair color: Light Blue
Eyebrow: Seductive Round

I forgot to put those ^^;

I’ll check it out! I’ve never entered my character into a story/contest before.

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I can’t find it, what’s your username on the app? There’s a // Zeus Avery // but her only story is Loving Bad.

ohhhh sorry yeah, thats the story. my bad got mixed up with wattpad

haha that’s fine
what episode are you planning to put the characters in?

episode 3+
im redoing ep 3, i pushed the story too fast

okay, makes sense. i’m publishing a story soon and want to let people have their characters as side characters, should i make a post on here?

yeah probably, its a good way to get characters haha

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Here you go :slight_smile:

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Do you need anymore characters? Male ones perhaps?

yesss, male characters pleasee

Sure thanggg bbg

Aight this is Ares lol.

And this is Wes

PM me if you need anymore

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