Need characters for action book (INK)

Hey, I’m in need of characters for my action book called “flicker”. It’s going to be about two agents and there group getting partnered together. To be added into the book I will need to know

Strong point:
Fake name:
Any extra info:


Pansexual (she/them)

if i run to long my ankle starts to go out and it takes about 3 days to heal. hearing her mothers voice(her mother is dead btw in the episode world at least) and seeing someone she loves hurt.

being able to carry/hold 3x her weight,sneaky and good with computers

umm ill think of one

Tony Manningham

uhhhh im short like around 5’0


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Age: 20

Sexuality: Straight

Weakness: Spider and Can’t Swim

Strong point: Weapons/Throw knifes

Backstory: Her father was Detective and her mother was house wife. Her parents were killed by killer when she was only five years old. The killer were never caught. Since she has no relatives, she was put in orphanage where she met Kai. Once she grew up, she and Kai left the orphanage and they decide to search her killer.

Fake name: Raven

Any extra info: She’s dating Kai. She doesn’t wear glasses when she works, only wear glasses on her day off. She’s outgoing, fun, smart, caring, and she likes to tease people and enjoy collecting different kind of weapons.

Age: 21

Sexuality: Straight

Weakness: Dogs

Strong point: Guns/Sniper

Backstory: His mother left him to the orphanage when he was three years old. He was troublemaker, bully the children and gets into fight. He changes after meeting Ayame, he’s no longer be troublemaker and doesn’t bully children. Later on, he fell in love with her, he’ll do anything to make her happy and willing to help her catch the killer.

Fake name: Tracker

Any extra info: He’s easygoing, funny, fun, laid back, and charming. He’s jealous guy whenever he see a guy talking to his girlfriend (Ayame), he would punch him.

Age: 19

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weakness: Computer

Strong point: Combat/lockpick

Backstory: She ran away from her abused father when she was 13 years old. She has been living on the street. She earned money by fighting and people bet on her. She is the one of greatest fighter.

Fake name: Wicked

Any extra info: She’s bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, badass, strong, and dislike people picking on the weak ones. She show no mercy if someone pissed her off

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weakness: Combat

Strong point: Hacker Computer/Any technology/Blackmail

Backstory: He was born rich family. His parents control his life and doesn’t let him have any decision. He had no freedom. His parents even decide for his bride, he couldn’t take it anymore. He left the house and had gone underground. Ever since then, he’s become the greatest Computer Hacker.

Fake name: Zero

Any extra info: He’s unfriendly, quiet, smart, sometimes nerdy, sleep, and listen music with headphone. He dislikes people touching his stuffs, disturbing his nap, and dislikes annoying people

Age: 22

Sexuality: Pansexual

Weakness: Bugs and Combat

Strong point: Disguises, acting and pickpocket

Backstory: Her parents died by car accident when she was 16 years old. She was left with her siblings (little brother (8) and sister (5)) She dropped out of High school to go to work and take care of her siblings. She’s work as a escort girl.

Fake name: Lovely

Any extra info: She’s cheerful, flirty, seduce, crybaby, party, and drinker. She likes to shop and likes to show off her outfits

Age: 24

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weakness: Height/Dogs

Strong point: Driver speed, spy, and guns

Backstory: His father remarried and he doesn’t get along with his step mother. When his step mother gave birth a baby boy (little brother). His father spend more time with his new family instead of him. He fell lonely and hate his father so much. He left the house and move with his grandparents. Ever since then, he haven’t spoken to his father for many years and he doesn’t bother to visit him.

Fake name: Nova

Any extra info: He’s himself as a calm, composed, intimidating person, very strict and unforgiving person and does not hesitate when doling out punishments. Despite being so uptight, he still makes an effort to joke around with his friends. He can be very sadist.