Need characters for beach party (I'm giving credit)

I need INK characters for beach party.
First who share character with me his/her character will be one of characters who shows a lot.
I need males and females.
I’m giving a credit.

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This is mine


There you go,

Name : Roy
Body : Toffee
Eyebrow : Seductive arch
Eyes : Upturned bold ; Colour : Blue
Nose : Redefined
Lips : Classic ; Colour : Ruby
Face : Oval
Hair : High Ponytail ; Colour : Auburn

Outfit : Black Triangle Cutout Dress and Cut Out Heels

How should I credit you all?

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I don’t need any credit, so it’s ok
but if you really want to, then instagram of letto_episode :wink:


SKIN: Light
BROW: Seductive Arch
HAIR: Long Curly Hair (Punky Purple)
EYES: Upturned Bold (Purple)
FACE: Oval
NOSE: Soft Natural
LIPS: Classic (Blush or Wine!!)

I don’t really care for a specific outfit, you choose! :star_struck:

Can you help me?

Sure, with what??


  • Toffee
  • Thick Round
  • Monday Morning Updo - Passion Fruit
  • Upturned Bold - Blue
  • Defined Heart
  • Elven
  • Blossom Lips - Blush

Hope you like her credits goes to: @Yente from Episode Forums

here is a link btw so, if you ever need characters or/and outfits again you can ask me! Limelight and INK character(s)/outfit(s) find it here!

Also, what is your story called??? :smiley:

Oops, never mind!! Just read your bio :wink:

Yeah but I don’t have that story anymore.
I’m doing new story.
It’s called My Unique Power.

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Thanks Yente.:heart:

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You’re welcome :heart:

(ps ya don’t have to the crush thing, I just send them together usually sooo I just keep it on there. it’s up to the writer :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:)

Wait I think you sent that on other thread.

I don’t need credit, it’s good for me helping people in need, but if you want to give credit my IG account is @darkangel.episode