Need characters for my Fantasy story!

Hey guys! I’m in need of characters for my story!
It is a fantasy so pick what supernatural creature you want to be!

I need:
2 witches,

3 vampires,

3 were-wolves,

4 fairies,

3 mermaids (one of them being queen or king and the 2 others are the princesses or princes)
Queen or King:

Princesses and Princes:

2 demons,

2 angels,

2 sirens,

2 banshees,

4 dragons (earth, fire, water, and air).





That’s all!
Tell me if you want to be credited!
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Ooh I’d love to be a siren! :heart_eyes: A banshee also sounds fun :rofl:


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Can I be a siren please?


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ooh can I be a mermaid or a witch


Im sarcastic, funny, nice, understanding, pretty chill, yada yada yada

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You look more of a mermaid type with your colorful hair! :star_struck:

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Sure thing!

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Oop your right :wink:

So which one do you want and i will make you it!

What kind of banshee were you going for?

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Queen Mermaid:
character profile


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Ooo can I be a demon?


Name: Matcha
Hairstyle: Short Wavy Asymmetrical
Hair colour: Brown Black (real)/Pastel Mint (profile) You can choose.
Eye shape: Round Medium
Eye colour (you can change to red if you want): Brown Black
Skin tone: Neutral 01
Face shape: Heart Soft
Eyebrow: Arched Thick Styled
Eyebrow Colour: Black Dark
Lips: Small Heart Vampire Fangs
Lip colour: Beige Gold Matte
Nose: Round Button Upturned

Feel free to change her outfit, but please make sure whatever she wears is modest. No crop tops, short skirts or short shorts please. And please nothing that shows her things. This is a personal choice that I don’t wearing like revealing clothes. Thanks.

You can credit me as MatchaTae.

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In my story they are mostly on the bad side (opposite to the sirens) whose shrieks and screams make people deaf, but they have immense beauty to fool people into the evil side.


Sounds amazing :heart_eyes: I’ll be a banshee then :blob_sun:


Sure thing!
And you reminded me about the dragons! I completely forgot to write them down!

Ok then!

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Can I pleaseeeeee be a demon :smiling_imp: if not a werewolf :wolf: Thank you <3

My deets

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You got it!

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Yayy I’m a princess :grin:

Gurl you better tell me when your story is out :wink:

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I’d love to be a witch or dragon, but you can put me as whatever you’d like. :blush:

My details

Credit my IG (@amphia.episode). Thank you for this opportunity.

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It is about a teenage half human and half were_wolf girl who lost her father at the age of 13 and witnessed the whole thing without the killer noticing. When the killer murdered her father, she felt a rage burn inside her and she burned her father’s killer! She then starts to realize that she is not who she thought she was. Her mother got a witch to wipe her daughters memory and the girl only recovers them a few months before she turns 18. While searching for who she is she finds love and betrayal! Dark secrets at every nook and cranny! Will she survive? Or will all of this be too much for her to handle?
It is called The Unexpected