Need characters for my new story for LL

I need some characters for my new story I’ll give you credit message me your @ mention to credit you at Instagram or on here

My new story will be call The Bucket Challenge List


Heyy here’s my character :sparkling_heart:

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you can use my character <3 @gl.livie

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I would love to be a character in your story :star_struck: If you tag me on Instagram or let me know somehow that the story/chapter is out I will make sure to read it :blush:

I changed my hair to light brown, cause it’s wrong in the card and you can choose the outfit :blue_heart:
My IG is @annawepisode

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Here’s mine! Just include my instagram hon!
IG: emstories.epsd



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you can use mine if you want, i don’t have insta and the card for her isn’t ready so i’ll put the details in Name: Benny Williams

  • Skin: copper 02 on soft body (female) Brows: Arched Natural Scar
    Hair: Long updo wavy princess braid
    Eyes: Deep set false lashes smokey eye(emerald green) Face: diamond
    Nose: Defined natural Lips: Full heart pouty ( Red Deep Gloss)
  • Character/s outfit/s: image
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where do I give you credit at?

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I’ll credit here on the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

it wont let me reply to the one u put under mine, i dont really have any socials .-.

sure I’ll let you know :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok ty ;3 btw can i ask, will it be a one time appearance or multiple?

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your welcome and I’ll use everyone character more often in this story :grinning:

what color is your hair and brows

hair Medium brown eyebrows deep brown and ty<3

Here are my details! My Instagram is @episode_katherinee! <3

my insta account @epy_lola :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: