Need characters for my new story *INK*(OPEN)

I need some characters for my new story “inherited twins” that will hopefully be out in November the characters I need are

Mums at the school playground
The mums Children
People to work at the MCS law ferm
And some besties for the MC ( DOnt need anymore besties)


What style?

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Thank you x

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Besties please.

No prob :grin:

Thanks x

Do u have Instagram?

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Do u have Instagram so I can credit? X

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Nah it’s okay

Okay x

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Name: Shadow

Instagram: That1weird_nerd
Role: Bestie

Thanks do u have Instagram? X

The credit name is my Insta



Okay thanks

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Bestie Plz
And would you be able to tell me when your story come out? :smile:

Yes okay will do do u have Instagram