Need characters for my story (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)


Hey guys. I am writing a new story. I have not started writing yet. It’s in INK. I need characters for it. The first five who are going to post will be important characters. Rest I am gonna let you all know. For now I need 5 characters. Its a very interesting story and the idea is also different. When its out I will let u all know so that you can see your roll


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Hey, I’m Vivainah. Here are my details:
Skin colour - light
Hair - rebel half shaved(chestnut brown)
Face shape - soft heart
Eyes - upturned bold (black)
Eyebrows - defined natural
Nose - eleven
Mouth- classic (ruby red)


Thank you so much


Your most welcome :smiley:
Vivainah :heart:


My name is Gabrielle and I’m writing a story now.
I’m interested in being a character in your story.


Plz send the character details and the name of your character.


@vivainah will your character’s name be Vivainah?




Here is my character and a 2nd outfit for her :blush:


Name: India/ Skintone: Tan/ Hair: Long straith hair(Chestnust) Eyes: Upturned Bold(Brown)/ Eyebrows: Thick Flat/ Face shape: Oval/ Nose: Elven/ Mouth: Full round(Blush)


@Mafiportugal and @Saraline Thank you so much


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