Need Characters for my story from the LGBTQ+ community 🏳️‍🌈 (THREAD CLOSED)

Hi there

My name’s Ren and I wanted to ask if anyone who is in the LGBTQ+ Community would like to be in my story. Just so you know I’m bisexual(prefer men more than woman but still interested to woman)and need more characters who are lesbian, transexual, Bisexual etc

If so then please fill out the following

•Name and character description
•what your gender is and sexuality
•how I should credit you
•your likes and dislikes
•Extras like tattoos, piercings and more

And extras if you wanna add

Thank you :blush:

hi credit tre.episodes on IG

Personality : im hot headed sometimes and goofy

Likes: food food food…and swimming, reading
Dislikes : pink and people i dont know(but im not rude to them…unless given a reason)

Ummm i short lmao idk
if you have any questions feel free to ask me

other info

Pansexual/bisexual/demiromantic( but you can mainly use pansexual :slight_smile: )

Btw these are gender benders you can use just Treyzere if you’d like


Hi thanks

Could I use both as twins or not only if you want if you don’t want to then- pretend you didn’t see anything :see_no_evil:

Anyway Thank you so much :star_struck:


But I going to use you and give you credit anyway

Oh and could you describe your love interest please :blush: and the gender of your love interest

Everything here

Name: Atlas

Gender: Bigender
Sexuality: Demisexual+demiromantic
Credit: @schittwriter (my username on here and Insta)
Likes: Free reign, baking, dogs, researching, the night, neon, anything to do with Russia.
Dislikes: Social gatherings, to be controlled, deadlines, tofu, cold weather.
If there’s anything else you need, lmk. (:


Lol its fine you can use both!

Li info

I have a LI made for myself already but gender male or female as long as we’ve been friends for a while and we have formed a close bond and they are mostly a silly/goofy person.(bcuz i like to joke and play around. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much


Thank you very much


So I wanted to ask if you would like to have a love interest and if you do then please tell me the following:

•Name and character description
•his/her likes and dislikes
•his/her gender
•his/her nationality

And if not then just say NO THANKS


Moved to Art Resource since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:


Feel free to use my details!


Name: Niyah
Gender/Sexuality: Female (she/her) Bisexual
Credit: Via my instagram (@/niyahepisode)
Likes: Chocolate, coffee, and goofy people
Dislikes: Fake and disrespectful people
Extras: Piercing- Nose Stud Silver




Gender is female and the sexuality is bisexual
Credit by IG - krys.tal_arts
Likes - mythology, fantasy, writing and drawing Dislikes - insects, fake people
Extras - Freckles (in the character card) and tattoos (also in the character card)

Thank you!



Danielle. Personality: Kind, helpful, always willing to help everyone.

Cisgender female & bisexual

My forum name, please.

Likes: Helping people, writing, drawing and making people happy.
Dislikes: Bullying, homophobia



Ouu yay finally I can put my characters to good use thank you :pleading_face::two_hearts:


•She/her are her pronouns
•Likes - Tacos, makeup, honest people, underground fighting, and the beach
•Dislikes - Rude people, hiking, and people questioning her sexuality


•She/her are her pronouns
•Likes - racing, dogs, tacos :taco:, dying her hair crazy colors, and tattoos
•Dislikes - Rude people, cats, and not being about to race
• Lesbian


•She/her are my pronouns
•Likes - taking naps, racing, makeup, partying, underground fighting
•Dislikes - people who question my sexuality

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii


•Name and character description - Kylie, nurturing, introvert, moody
•what your gender is and sexuality - female, bisexual aromantic
•how I should credit you - @princesskjx3 on IG
•your likes and dislikes - likes black & purple, painting, tattoos, tacos. Dislikes bugs, crowded places, washing dishes
•Extras like tattoos, piercings and more - on my detail card


Name : Soorya

Character description
Body : Male Athletic
Skin : Rose 2
Eyebrows : Straight Medium Scar
Eyebrow colour : Dark Black
Eyes : Oval wide
Eye colour : Violet
Hair : Shoulder length tousled
Hair colour : Dark Black
Face : Chiseled Angular Stubble
Nose : Grecian Narrow
Lips : Medium Straight Natural
Lip colour : Pink Peach Lt Gloss

Sexuality : Bisexual

Credit me at @bhishma.epi

Likes : Martial Arts, Fencing, Archery and Horse Riding

Dislikes : People in general.

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Add some Asexual or Aromantic characters. This group of people irl doesn’t get enough representation.

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I love tofu lol.

Also your character is so cute omg

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Thank you everyone :sparkling_heart: For the characters and for the people who want to be in my story

And please tell me which character you want to play:

•Hades daughter~ she is sassy, flirty, sarcastic and sometimes Rude only if you mess with her family and the people she cares about
•Anastasia Aunt~ she is sweet,kind and thoughtful she is also a elf and wolf but a special wolf you will find out in chapter 12 or 13. She is also bisexual

•Anastasia sister/ brother~ they is funny, enthusiastic, sarcastic and Intelligent. They loves to play around with their younger sister, Anastasia and they is pansexual so if any of you are pansexual then here is your chance
•yang sister~ Yang’s sister is Asexual,she is Shy, funny, innocent and sweet she cares a lot about people and tends to get Hurt the most but that will change in chapter 8 so if you are asexual then this role is for you
•Zoey BFF~ zoey’s bff is a bit hot headed and doesn’t think before speaking she is also a rebel and doesn’t like to work with anyone she is asexual
•Timaka sister~Bisexual she hates people in general,she mostly gets herself in to trouble,she loves racing, tattoos, edgy stuff and has a crush on evey Giovanni’s twin sister and she flirts with everyone boy& girls.she is half wolf and vampire and also an elf I know weird, right?
She is half Korean and Japanese+Vietnamese (Her Real father is Vietnamese and her step fatheris Korean and her mom is Japanese

So here they are please choose a role and tell me on this thread :blush:

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