Need Characters For My Story! (INK)

If you want to be in my story I will need:

Character Details:

Character Outfit:

What You Want Your Character To Play:

Character’s Personality:

(I Don’t Know How Much I need Right Now But Just A Couple)

Name: Jay

Role: Close friend/bsf of the MC


Skin tone: Light
Eyebrow shape: Defined natural
Hair style: Beach wave, straight or diva curls (Depends on situation)
Hair color: Fawn
Eye shape: Upturned Feline
Eye color: White
Face shape: Oval
Nose shape: Upturned
Mouth shape: Full round
Mouth color: Rose

Character outfits—

Wedding Long Sleeve Lace Top (Peach)
White High Waisted Pants
Black Valentine Flats
Circle Dangle Earrings

Pink Beach Day Romper
Denim Jacket
Black Valentine Flats
Circle Dangle Earrings

Characters Personality: Funny, sarcastic, nice, blunt

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Okay i’ll add you too my story

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Oh and in this story there are supernaturals, so you get to pick what you want to be but whatever you pick they have a certain eye color:

And the story’s name is Unnatural


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Name: Ciara/CC

  • Skin: Tan.

  • Face: Oval.

  • Nose: Elven.

  • Eyebrows: Defined Natural.

  • Eyes: Upturned Feline (blue).

  • Hair: Straight/Diva Curls (passionfruit).

  • Mouth: Full Round (dark red).

Outfit: That doesnt’t matter as long as it has a crop top and skirt lol :sparkling_heart:

Play: Well, my charcater is a complete softie so anthing that is chill and nice :relaxed:
A cheerleader can be a option :cherry_blossom:

Personality: Like I said, I am a complete softie and I can have a bad additude sometimes lol. I am vsco girl, and I love sweets and music, and I do cheerleading :hibiscus::ribbon::sparkles:

There you go :unicorn:

My story has supernaturals or you can also be human but if you want to be supernatural the have an specific eye color like:

Also the title of the story is Unnatural

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My eyes can be purple if you want to :purple_heart::sparkles:

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Okay :slight_smile:

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I can also be a human/witch. Maybe I am a nice human but I am secretly a witch :sparkling_heart:

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So you are covering up as a human so no one can know you are really a witch?

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Yes, basically :relaxed:

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