Need Characters For My Story! LimeLight (Some Important Roles Still OPEN!)







Am I making too many? :smile: It’s the weekend and I have nothing to do :smile:


Nope!! I’m always open for more!! :grin:




Name: Addisyn (Addi or Addie for nickname)
Rose 05
Round Medium + Ginger Red
Classic Bob + Ginger Red
Female Generic + Brown Light
Round Soft
Round Button Upturned
Small Heart + Red Gloss
Role: Trendy Group
Other Information: Addisyn has always enjoyed going shopping, unlike her sister, Roselyn. She is the one that usually tries to flirt with all the boys and goes to the club every Friday night. She’s almost always on her phone, trying to find new trends to “attract” more boys to her. *Her sister Roselyn doesn’t really approve of this :smile:

Name: Roselyn (Rose for nickname) (Only her sister Addisyn calls her Rosie, though)
Copper 04
Round Medium + Ginger Red
Hair Flip + Ginger Red
Round Downturned Wide + Brown Light
Round Soft
Round Button Upturned
Small Heart + Rose Gloss
Role: Cheerleader
Other Information: Roselyn was always born to be a cheerleader, and she has been doing it ever since she was five. Although Roselyn and Addisyn are sisters, they almost have nothing in common other than their similar facial features. Roselyn is more of the cool girl where nothing bothers her at all. She never flirts with guys and has never had a relationship with someone before (though she doesn’t care). Her closet is filled with jackets and tank tops and pants, so you would rarely see her wearing shorts and probably never see her wearing a dress, either.

Yay this is part 2. Who knows maybe I’ll make more :joy::grin::smile:

Important things to remember:
Roselyn and Addisyn are sisters
Roselyn is older than Addisyn by two years
Roselyn and Addisyn, other than their looks, are nothing alike
Roselyn has never been in a relationship (with any gender) and never wants to be

I can’t wait to see your story :smiley::grinning:


Thank you so much for all the characters!!!


Lol no problem. My life is empty and making characters fills it up. :smile:


Wanted to post my character (which is basically just me lol), but when i saw Addisyn’s nicknames i decided not to because, well, character confusion XD