Need Characters For My Story [Limelight]

Summer, age 20, she/her/hers.

CHARACTER DETAILS: Vegetarian. English major. Bisexual. I take antidepressants for my issues lmao.

PERSONALITY: I would describe myself as compassionate, intelligent, and strong-willed. I love to read and write. My sense of humor is pretty dry/deadpan, but people always tell me I’m hilarious.

BACKSTORY: I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, but I’m currently studying in Minneapolis, MN. I hope to be an English professor one day. I have an older brother but we aren’t very close.

INSTAGRAM: summersolemnlyswears

Let me know if you need anything else! I look forward to reading your story.

If you need one character here it is.
I didn’t have instagram so tag me with my Episode name Mrs. Black Cat Writer