Need character's for my story!


Yeah Both UltimaW Accounts are the say the one with the least followers is the one I’m active on


Okay I will go and add you on episode right now so you can read the story! :grin:
I hope you enjoy reading it!


I will! :slight_smile: thxs for letting me be apart of your story


You’re welcome! I just added you. I am pretty sure it’s the right one, it’s the second one I saw and it had less followers than the first


Yep it was right and I be just gone threw all five episode its really good!


Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it




Can you follow or something so I can read it? My user is LunqrWolf…


Sorry, I have not checked forums for a while. I don’t have Instagram.


Hi @WriterIsAnonymous yes I can follow you on the app right now. sorry I try to respond right away but I’ve been super busy with family stuff and then I had no wifi access. But I will add you right now :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!


@WriterIsAnonymous I was able to find your account on Episode and I followed you. Sorry that took forever again.I looked right when I got your last message 2 days ago but I was having trouble finding it. I finally was able to find it, I realized I was typing it wrong! :grimacing: I’m so sorry! But I followed you so now you’ll be able to see my story. Let me know what yo think about it!
Thank you! Sorry again


Are you still looking for characters? I’d love to submit mine.


Hi @Wannabe_Writer5 I am still looking for characters! :smile:
Just let me know what the character looks like, name, preferred outfit (optional/ may change for certain scenes), and if you have an instagram so I can give you a shout out! if you don’t have instagram I can use your forum name. Whichever works for you!
Thank you and sorry for the late reply I have been having really bad wifi problems


No problem at all! I completely understand.

As for the outfits, anything casual is fine! It’s really up to you and what works for the scene.
Thank you, @AubLB :slight_smile:


I also do not have an Instagram, so I wouldn’t mine if you used my Forum name, or even my Episode name if you want. If you chose to use my Episode name, it is Laniyah G.


@Wannabe_Writer5 Hi! I should have mentioned it’s an INK story if you could send me your character details for INK I’ll add you in now! if you want to use your LL style I have been planning on starting a new story that’s in LL it won’t be out for a while but I can use your character there too! I’ll be talking about my LL story when I get a few more chapters of this story out and I’ll be starting a new topic on here!
I will use your forum name for your shout out, and thank you for sending your episode name also. There have been some issues searching my story. So in order for you find it I will follow you on episode and you can go to my account and find my story there! :grin:
Thank you so much!!! Let me know when you can


Ok! I’m sorry about that!!

INK details:

Body: Rosewood
Eyebrows: Medium Angled
Hair: Natural Curls, Black
Eyes: Downturned bold, Hickory
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Wide
Lips: Full Round
Natural Lip Color: Dark


@Wannabe_Writer5 That’s ok! Thank you so much! And as soon as I can get my laptop to connect to WiFi I will add your character in!:grin:
And I’ll make sure I give you a shout out when your character appears!


Thank you!! I appreciate it.
What is your Episode name??


Do u need anymore characters?