Need character's for my story!


Yeah Both UltimaW Accounts are the say the one with the least followers is the one I’m active on


Okay I will go and add you on episode right now so you can read the story! :grin:
I hope you enjoy reading it!


I will! :slight_smile: thxs for letting me be apart of your story


You’re welcome! I just added you. I am pretty sure it’s the right one, it’s the second one I saw and it had less followers than the first


Yep it was right and I be just gone threw all five episode its really good!


Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it




Can you follow or something so I can read it? My user is LunqrWolf…


Sorry, I have not checked forums for a while. I don’t have Instagram.


Hi @WriterIsAnonymous yes I can follow you on the app right now. sorry I try to respond right away but I’ve been super busy with family stuff and then I had no wifi access. But I will add you right now :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!


@WriterIsAnonymous I was able to find your account on Episode and I followed you. Sorry that took forever again.I looked right when I got your last message 2 days ago but I was having trouble finding it. I finally was able to find it, I realized I was typing it wrong! :grimacing: I’m so sorry! But I followed you so now you’ll be able to see my story. Let me know what yo think about it!
Thank you! Sorry again