Need character's for my story!


Do me a DM and tell me who you are i have so much followers and put there the link of the story x


Ok I sent you a DM theres the link, my name and the story title


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OH … i made you the covers lol


yeah! :joy: I love the covers a lot


I followed you.
I just read your story and I love it! When I saw Natalie and Becky I was like “Eyyyyy!”


lol :sweat_smile:


Lol i’m so glad you love it! and your characters will definitely show up again :grin:


Looking forward to see what happens next with Connor. c:


:joy: I’m excited to write it! If I get chapter 4 done it’ll be out today! if not then tomorrow. I actually have time to work lol


Read it already, great I will make a shoutout on IG but there is someone before you, why didn’t you remind me that it was me who made your covers lol xxx


Thank you! and that’s totally fine. I don’t know lol it just slipped my mind :joy: :hibiscus:


I have asked you something on IG x


I just messaged you back


@Jossu your characters have been added in! and I will give you a shout-out using your forum name or your instagram name whichever you prefer. If it’s instagram can you let me know what your instagram name is so I can do the shout-outs when your characters appear. Thank you!


i really don’t care …you choose if you’ll choose my insta then it’s @jossu.episode


I would love to be in your story

Name: Nadia
Hair: Long Curly Hair (Black)
Face: Soft heart
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Eyes: Upturned feline (purple)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Full round (Raven )
Body: Ink female (Mocha)

My personality: I’m a pretty chill person in the mornings because i’m mostly tired. I love sleeping and hate waking up early. I’m over protective a little too much and I love the people closest to me. Honestly I don’t get offended easily and I take everything as a joke but I know when the people I love is hurting and I try to give them advice. I love the night time and staying up. I’m a pretty affectionate person…like I give people hugs for like everything hehe . I take studying very seriously though ( even if I may fall asleep in class sometimes and teacher get mad hehe). When I say I’m crazy… i mean i’m absolutely fucking insane. I love making people laugh (and I crack myself up a lot too). I’m more of a yangire character type.


I will definitely add you in! If you have a certain role you can think of let me know. i’ll let you know if it works out! But if not that’s fine I have some ideas. And thank you for personality description that honestly helps me create a role around your character. So thank you! you helped me out a ton :rofl:
Also I’ll be giving shoutouts so if you would like for me to use your instagram name could you please let me know? thank you. But if you don’t have an instagram I can use your forum name. It’s completely up to you
Thank you again! :laughing:


My Instagram is live_n_love_stories

For the role honestly maybe I could be a old friend from her old school. I could also be a nobody and we used to joke around about me modeling her clothes. Then I could move to her school (not knowing she’s there) and when she decides to start showing her designs, I could be their to help make and model them… Idk honestly you can put me in any role you want. The one up there just a suggestion and might not fit in your storyline :blush:


Okay when your character appears I’ll give you your shout-out :slightly_smiling_face:
And for the role I will think of something along those lines!
thank you