Need character's for my story



Yasmin can you please react!!! :pray:


Hey Cia Yasmin isn’t reacting so now you are my little sister


Cia is now 14 years old, my little sister and the best friend of you😊


Is Cia your username??


I ask because I need your user name for the end


Can everybody who is in my story please tell the custumasions, name and back name from your love interested, only Ayu told me that


What is your name in the story


Is it Okey if you are in the story named Lizz


Hey everybody I have doing things crazy the last time. And I’m real out of it now. Okey first Ayame, Liane, Luci, Kai, Zedd and I are best friends in the story! Kai and Ayame are gonna fall in love and I and Zedd go a fall in love with each other. Cia and Lizz gonna be my normal friends of work oh… And my name in the story is Cristal… So now this is the story now. :blush:I hope this is clear and Simple.So now I do not have a little sister anymore. Love you all guys :kissing_heart:


And please react at this! All of you because the only girl who react on it is Ayame! Please let everyone do that to now


When will you publish your story? :slight_smile:


Sorry!! Im here! My username is “Cia Vee” <3


I don’t know


Cool :slight_smile: I can’t wait to read your story :smiley:


Aww tanks


Oh and Luci and Liane are already married there is gonna we are going on a honymoon but not like we are married its just me an Ayame who are single :blush:


Can you please tell me how to publish it because I don’t know how to do it XOXO Ahista…, I mean Cristal :wink:


Go to Episode Writer Portal and click on your story.

This is where you should see the word publish right there with the red circle.
You need to have 3 chapters to publish your story.


How exciting! I can’t wait to read your story :smiley:


Thank you Ayu


You’re welcome :wink: