Need Characters For Overlay

Currently, Im continuing a story but I need 2-3 characters for a website overlay.

I need characters like these in these same poses:

You can choose to do all the poses or just one it’s up to you guys.

Oh and I need them to be in the sluttiest clothes possible
And in Ink I need them.

Thank you

~ Kit Kat :purple_heart:

Soo the facials have to be the same or can I change them?

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You can change it as long as they are doing one of those poses and are in slutty clothes

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@Forever1201 This is an edit actually cause ink literally has dry clothing buuuuut this outfit is like TOO SLUTTY for episodes (lmao I know)
So there’s a probability that this will likely get banned… (But still I’m not sure if this is destined to get banned)
IF that happens, send me a less slutty clothing reference and I’ll change the girl’s clothes

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Ok I think that one is good but i’ll check the guidelines :sweat_smile:

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Yea lmao



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