Need characters for three stories!


If you still need :blush: College Days: A Mystical Beginning




Here are your outfits for your character. Let me know if want any changes to be made:
Regular Outfit

Vampire Outfit


Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


Here are your oufits for your character. Let me know if you want any changes done:
Regular Outfit

Witch Outfit


Cool! I’m glad you do!


Here are your character’s outfits. Let me know if I need to change anything:
Regular Outfit

Witch Outfit


She likes the outfit but she sadly can’t reply because she was silenced ! :+1:t5:


Thank you for letting me know! I’m glad she approves.


No problem! :+1:t5:


Here are both characters outfits. Let me know if want me to change anything:

Kara Regular Outfit

Kara Werewolf Outfit

Melody Regular Outfit

Melody Mermaid Outfit (I have multiple mermaid tail ovelays. What color do you prefer?)


Thank you, sorry for the late reply. What mythological creature would you prefer for both characters?


no problem :grin:

if possible i would like werewolves


Cool, I can definitely do that. I’ll post a picture in a couple of hours.


ok, take your time


Here are your outfits for both characters. Let me know if you want anything changed:
Cris Regular Outfit

Cris Werewolf Outfit

Bruno Regular Outfit

Bruno Werewolf Outfit


i love it, that’s ok :blush:


Good! I’m going to give everyone’s character multiple scenes over many episodes.


Awhhh I am a cute witch :two_hearts:


I knew I missed one! I was wondering where my other mermaid characters were then I found your post again. Here are the pictures of both characters. Let me know if you want anything changed:

Raina Regular Outfit (I added a choker to her oufit.)

Raina Mermaid Outfit (Kept the choker.)

Delilah Regular Oufit ( I added a gold necklace to her outfit.)

Delilah Mermaid Outfit (Kept the necklace.)

I was thinking of giving them the same color tails as their outfits. If you want me to not do that, let me know.


I think you may have accidentally made Raina a bit too tan. :sweat_smile: