Need Character's In My Story: Dead Ends 😯

Hey guys, I need some characters in my new story. I will credit you with your Instagram name or Episode Forum name. :wink: Please send me the details (ink please) of the character including their name and what role they want. And the name you want for me to credit with… Thanks!

These are the available positions:
Best Friend’s Boyfriend 0/1
Teacher boy 1/2
Background girls 0/3
Paparazzi 1/2

Thanks guys!


Can I be the best friend please? :slight_smile:

I’ll send my details in a minute.

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K, sure!

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Name: Ava, Alexandra, Winter - I don’t really mind. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Character Details

Outfit Style

Casual yet stylish, I think lol.

I hope I can be in your story! :wink:

Winter xx

Hmm…Yep sure! What would you like me to credit you with?

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Instagram @winter05.episode please. :smile:

Can I be the girl teacher? Here r my details:


Please credit me as @LivLoveDance7 through episode

Okay! No prob!

You can call the character me Olivia in your story instead of LivLoveDance7


I can be the police women

Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

Can I be in the kidnapper boy’s gang (I’m a girl)?

If I can, this is my character. If I can’t be in the gang, I can be a background girl if that’s okay. But I prefer in the gang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you can credit me as @Eva123


who’s the love interest

I can be the paparazzi if you want

Okay yeppy dodlle do!

I would like to do the mum of mc. Could I see it know what mc looks like so mum looks related to her? Unless she is adopted. And what is mom like? Kind? Fun and crazy? Down to earth and sweet? Evil? Strict and proper?

Actually, the MC is a customization by reader soo…maybe brown or black or grey or white? I don’t mind. Good question, her mum is the meanest person on earth and she cheats on her dad…so yeah. And she wants to be the prettiest person so she always puts on makeup and stuff. Is that enough info? Ples ask me if you want more

Man that should have been obvious haha. I have been reading all non customizable characters lately. How about like this? Her eyes are like that really dark grey color. Her name is Jessica.

I do not know how to show that list of what features made my character.