Need Characters (Including MCs! LL)

So, I’m taking another shot at writing a story. It’s about the adventures of an aspiring alternative metal band.
I actually need characters of all aspects. All I have is the lead singer of the group the story is centered around, Shallow Grave.

I need band members, people of the crowd, randoms, and even rival band members!

I purposely did this with only one of my characters so everyone could help me write it!

List a personality below, too! Thank you!

Player Character

Name is Clair. She will be you. Based off of… well, me!

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Limelight it ink?

Limelight. Sorry, I’ll edit the title.

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It’s okay… can I be a main character?

I need a personality, an appearance, and a role.

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Outgoing, sweet but can be mean if pushed. Loves music and singing. SHe is a kind soul with a heart of gold.

Whatever role you need her to be… :grin: Something important if possible… lol

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The friend of its still open!


Name: Lila
Body: neutral 02
Brow: arched natural copper red
Hair: hair flip copper red
Eyes: female genreci hazel dark
Face: diamond
Nose: round button
Lips: full heart pouty red matte

Personnality: cold heart, honest and direct, nice with her friends, don’t trust easily.

If I can one of the main characters as well?

Thanks :hibiscus:

I can manage that.

Best friend is open. If you want.

Any idea what you want?

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Someone important in the story, I let you choose

Sure. Rival band leader fits your character.


Thank you :blush:

Here’s my character, FYI. The player character, Clair.


I forget to add she add the hip rose tattoo

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I love it… oh can you put a tattoo on my character? Now that they have some… lol

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Which one do you want?

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Same bracelet as mine :wink: Rival character to mine? :thinking:

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Let me go see… lol I haven’t even looked at them all one moment…

Yes. My character is the player character. Your character is her rival in music.
Any genre of choice for your character’s band?
It has to be in the heavier category. Or else they wouldn’t be rival bands.


Because I’ve noticed you posting your character on a lot of threads. I figured you’d want more than a side role.