Need characters, LL :blob_turtle:

Hello! Feel free to use mine!
May I request to be a tavern owner?

Change the outfit however you like! Just remember freckles and some sort of glasses :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Credit to: @sun_ray.episode at the end please and thank you!

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Yes you can! Thank you so much! :smile: :two_hearts:

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I’d like to be a council member please :smile_cat:

*Credits to Sk_Supernatural for the CC

You can change the outfit as needed :slight_smile:

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Happy for you to use me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::heart:

I’m open to anything. Guards, I guess, or whatever you feel is suitable.

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Ok! Thank you!

Thank you! Which role would you like?

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Thank you! :smile:

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I’d love to be one of the teachers if there is any left! Or the news reporter hehe!! x

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Both spots are available actually! :wink:

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Oooooo I will go with a teacher then please if you wish to use me haha!! I may need more appropriate clothing for a teacher role though :thinking::joy:

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Alright! :smile: Don’t worry about the clothes, I have something plot wise in mind :hugs: :blob_hearts:

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Sounds good! You’ll have to make sure you post your story so I can read it :heart:

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Thank you! I will! :two_hearts:

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Here you go!!

If possible I’d want to have a big/medium speaking role. (like a council member maybe)


Name: Isabelle
Character Details:
Style: Female Athletic Body
Skin color: Neutral 02
Brows: Arched Thin (Dark Brown)
Hair: Hair Updo Curly Messy (Ask Blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Deep Blue)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Small Heart (Red Deep Matte)

Off Shoulder Boho Mid Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey White
Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver
Compas Rose Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color
(You can change her clothes if you want)

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Pronouns: she/her

Personality: fun, outgoing, loyal, crazy, confident, gives advices, sarcastic, jokes in the weirdest moments.

You can credit me by my Instagram @stellaroseever :purple_heart:

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If you needed character
You could choose any role you like

Daisy Character

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister
Daisy age is 23
Daisy is bisexual
Daisy is single
Daisy races; she is Mexican
Daisy loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Daisy friend are: Gustavo, Landon, Luke, Yarissa

Yarissa Character

Screenshot (770)

Yarissa is Daisy sister
Yarissa age is 27
Yarissa is Straight
Yarissa races; she is Mexican
Yarissa is in a relationship with Martin Jr
Yarissa loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Yarissa friend are: Daisy and Martin Jr

Martin Jr Character

Martin Jr is dating Yarissa
Martin Jr age is 25
Martin Jr races; he is Mexican
Martin Jr he is Straight
Martin Jr he is in a relationship with Yarissa
Martin Jr he loves: this family and friend and he love to be annoying to Yarissa and to Daisy
Martin Jr friend are: Yarissa

Gustavo Character

Gustavo age is 22
Gustavo, he is Straight
Gustavo, he is single
Gustavo, races; he is Mexican
Gustavo he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice Daisy
Gustavo best friend is: Daisy

Landon Character

Landon age is 25 soon to be 26
Landon, he is Straight
Landon, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Landon he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice
Landon has a crush on Daisy
Landon best friend is: Daisy
Landon he has a twin brother: this name is Luke

Luke Character

Luke age is 25 soon to be 26
Luke, he is Straight
Luke, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Luke he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice, rude sometimes
Luke also has a crush on Daisy
Luke best friend is: Daisy and Landon
Luke, he has a twin brother: this name is Landon

My Instagram at daisyrodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram yarissarodriguezepisode tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like

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I could be the news reporter if you’d like?


Credit: IrisLevont on the forums

Any outfit a reporter wears is perfectly fine. Please tag me when it’s out, I’d love to read it!

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Here’re mine if you want to use them.^
If you do use them, any roles are fine.
Credit: schittwriter on Insta. :relaxed:

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I can be whatever you have left:))


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Could I be the news reporter?



Body: Female Athletic Body {Neutral 06}
Brows: Arched Natural Scar {Black Dark}
Hair: Emo Pixie {cool gray}
Eyes: Monolid Slender{gray cool}
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs {black matte}
Name: {Jack}


{Button Up Denim Dress T Shirt Layered Denim Grey /w Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue}
shoes: Detention Boots
Accessories: Ear Cuff Elven Ear Earrings Metal Gold/
Bobby Pin Cotton Metal Black

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