Need characters to use in "trying to improve" drawings/edit

Hey, sorry I took too long, I was looking for a pose. This turned out really good except the left eye I messed it up a little bit it should’ve been tilted a bit. I hope you like it as much as I do, I made it with two backgrounds and yes I am aware from the blush in the day time one it was too late when I realized :woman_facepalming:t2:. If you have Instagram please reply with it’s username so I can tag you :slight_smile:

your art

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I will recreate yours, because now I look at it, it’s just horrible. Let me finish the others and then I will recreate yours :see_no_evil:

Omg so cute! Ty!

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Hey! Not sure if you still needs it but here is mine! Feel free to change outfit and make up!
You can also change hair style if needed and hair color (only if it’s a dyed one!).
Oh, and I use glasses but I understand if you also need to take it out or change the glasses :upside_down_face: