Need Charity Event/Auction/Ballroom Backgrounds

Exactly what the title says, I need a bunch of charity/auction/ballroom backgrounds (and overlays) :nerd_face: :dancer: Pixabay has some but not exactly what I’m looking for :sweat_smile:

P.S Credit card and glitter overlays as a bonus would be great as well as a glass shattered overlay and some very creepy circus backgrounds & overlays ^^

In addition, animal (ex. horses, bunny, etc.) overlays would very much be appreciated, ty for your time :kissing_heart:


ikr, it is hard to find ballroom backgrounds…-.-

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Okay so not really sure what you’re looking for but here ya go :coffee::metal2::tulip:

Lots of Backgrounds

Overlay :ninja:

Overlay :monocle:

Overlay :blob_turtle:

And some overlays :cat:

Random Chair :yay:

What might one find at a creepy circus? :thinking::clown_face::tulip:


OMG that is perfect, you’re the best, you always help me and i wish I could give u over a gazillion awards :heart_eyes:

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So happy they work for you :+1::ninja::tulip:

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