Need classic stories!

Does anybody have any good classic stories? I can’t find any classic stories that are half decent!


Almost half of Joseph evans’ story are classic, like the Phoenix prophecy or the ember effect… i bet u would like those :blush: hope this helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I adore Joseph Evans! Thank you so much!

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Ofc :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Of course all of Joseph Evans’ stories, I also remember liking super secret cedar hill, but I read it like 6 years ago so I don’t remember much haha

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Omggggg I would love if you’d wanna check out my Classic story! It’s so rare for Classic to get attention anymore (and it’s my fav style ngl😭)

First, here’s a bunch of classic stories I recommend!
-Until Death Do Us Part by Angie (this is my all time FAVORITE Classic story!! It’s so expertly written and incredibly emotional.)
-Literally anything by Joseph Evans.
-Out Of Time by Alvar (choose your style)
-Enslaved by Mary Galvan
-Party Girls by Rachel Maude
-Quarantined by Hannah D
-Stranded at Sea by Cass Phillips
-The Teacher Mette M P

I know I’m missing a whole bunch :joy: But i only included completed stories here.

Now here’s my story :star_struck:
Romance Island by KylieJay
Romance w/ drama, comedy
20 Episodes, COMPLETE, Multiple Endings
Kelsey would do anything for love, including going on a dating show to a beautiful island to meet 7 different men! But is everyone else there for the right reasons?
Link -



These are my Top favorites

  • Beauty Always Has a Price- Chantelle M.
  • Dating Hollywood- Kim B.
  • Rules of Attraction- Makiko A.
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Lovesick, Campus Crush, Party Girls, Secret Diamond Club, The Phoenix Prophecy, Rich Witches, The President’s Daughter, Hunted, Reality Roomates, Real Hollywood, Human, Ugly Cass: From Fug 2 Fabulous, The Captain’s Daughter, Campus Crush 2: The Spring Rush, Super Secret Cedar Hill, Rock n Roll Revolution, 300 Days To Find Love, 30 Days to Find Love, Gemma Haliburton’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, Dead Inc., Professor Bunny, Party Girls: Rehab, Mystery At The Museum, Unmasked, Box Of Secrets, Stranded At Sea, Always Talk To Strangers.

There was more, but I forgot their titles. Enjoy!

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Check out Romeo & Julian!

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I recently done one.

Title: Girl Island: Vanuatu.
Genre: Adventure/comedy.
Style: Classic.
Number of chapters: 15.
Synopsis: Tucker finds himself stranded on a desert island in Vanuatu, surrounded by beautiful women, including the lovely, Toni. Who are they? How did they get here?
Link: Episode Writer Portal