Need Co writer for Horror/thriller

I would love to find a co-writer and coder for a thriller/horror story called night fright. It will be about 7 high schoolers and it will be 5 episodes. At the end of episodes 1-4 a member of the gang will be killed off. The climax will have two survivors and the killer

I will send Pictures of the characters.

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Lisa Cooper 17 1/2 years old- PJ’s girlfriend

PJ Thomas 17 years old Lisa’s boyfriend

Jenny Wills 17 1/2 years old PJ’s best friend since 3rd grade

Kevin Clarke 17 1/2 years old Jenny’s boyfriend

Kia Sanchez 17 years old- Lisa’s best friend since kindergarten

Steve Morgan 17 years old Kia’s boyfriend

John Dawson 17 1/2 years old Jenny’s ex boyfriend

There’s all the characters… Let me know if you would like to change anything…

Do you know how to code? I am still fairly new at this

Let me know when you’re ready

I can help, I’m good with coding if you still need it :wilted_flower:

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Ok sounds good I will pm my email and pass so we can work together

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I will pm my email and pass so we can do it together

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Ok, sounds good

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