Need Co writer or co-author

Hi, everyone
If anyone would love to help me Co writer or be a co author. That would be be great. If you have experience with coding that would be great help too.
Here are the stories idea I came up with
A magical/supernatural story
A game show story
A gang story
Dating a Rockstar
A story about the main character is in charged of a making a movie or she becomes a actresses on movie
A Christmas type of story that involves a princess or something.

And that’s it. I know some of these stories idea might not make sense but it’s a start.

Thanks for reading :sparkling_heart:


I’d love to help.

Hey!! I was looking for a writing partner because I’ve always wanted to write a Game Show/Reality Show kinda story, but I don’t have enough time, so if you’re interested, dm me at @dxx.episode on Instagram! edit: ofc I’ll follow back

Well if you don’t have much time, you won’t be able to talk a lot together.

I mean I don’t have enough time to write it by myself since I’m working on another story + studying

That would be great. Which one would you like to start first

Yeah, I would love to be your writing partner for the game show type story.

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The supernatural story, first.

That would be cool. If you love we can work on a gang story. If that’s okay with you and maybe planned the game shows stories later

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Hey, I’m not the greatest at coding but I write literally all the time so if you ever need help with that message me or dm me on instagram at @aiwritethings xx

I’d like to help

cool!!! give me your Instagram or dm me on Instagram @dxx.episode

:wink: Good luck guys

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I could help

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:thinking: What are you doing?

What do you mean? What story?

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I would love to do a game show story because I was going to write one. But I would also Dating a rockstar

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I think she isn’t available right now.

Hey, I think that would be great.

I kinda need a partner for my story so if anybody could help me that would be great