Need co writer thriller

can someone please help me with a stalker story? Where a high school sophomore “male” gets stalked by a high school senior “Female” i really need help i am new to this please help me? Help me come up with some character names too please? i am also thinking about a high school junior for a future love interest for the male and a 20 something big sister for the male

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I could help

thank you do you have any character names in mind?

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Well I have some names

Do you have discord
We could talk there so we can still talk if u run out of replies

no i dont cant we just private message?

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Yea that’s fine
You’ll run out of messages soon tho then you’ll have to wait a day

just private message me some names

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Wait… you only need names?
I thought you needed an actual co-author…

i will come up with the names and backstory can you become my co write i have never had one before how do we do it?

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Basically we split the work of your story
I help writing and design and ideas some
And you do the same
But I’m busy now so I won’t be able to write

when can we do it?

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I suggest sometime tomorrow because you’ll run out of replies soon

sounds good how may do you get a day?

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Well when you just start out
The first 24 hours it will just stop you
Anytime after that your good


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i cant find it

i just started my story maybe we can do turns episode by episode how can you write on my story? how does this actually work?

where can i find my topic i need help with that

This is your topic right here. :wink: