Need co-writer who good at english grammar

So my story is already publish, but there are plenty grammar error in these, <3 can someone want to be an co-writer fix grammar error <3

I can help, but not till tomorrow. Sorry if thats to late for you

then can u tell me whenever you free

I believe tomorrow I will be after noon California time

okay, <3 and how old are u :> and do u have any instagram

Im 13 and I dont have insta

oh, and you are born in AMERICA ? right

Yea lol Im from America

Where r u from?

I’m from Vn, my english kinda bad, lol :v tomorrow if u online, please pm me and I will send u my detail okay

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Okay I will! How old r u just curious, cause you asked me

16 =))))

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Thats cool! What part? My grandma and dad used live close to the border of Lago I believe.

Do you know Nha Trang - khánh hoà :?

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Sounds familiar, but im not to sure

-.- and where do u live? in US?

Yea I live in California, US. I was just curious what part cause my dad was born in Vietnam and so was my Grandma.

oh my god, that’s mean you are part of vn too

Yea! Im biracial!

I can’t believe it :)) so your mom is america

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