Need coder and co writer


I’m looking for a coder who can code on episode and can help me take my story Sly to the next level :revolving_hearts: if anyone can do this could you pm me please x


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I can help—just dm me, I’m great at scripting and coding, and we just need to set up a time that works for both of us.


Heeey I can help too :slight_smile: I really enjoy coding and using overlays and complex branching :* if you need me pm me


Thankyou x


Right now I am writing a story called Double life, but I would love to some one who is good with spot directing, using overlays, complex branching and camera angels. because I find it quite hard to do in Limelight. I don’t know if you have time or are interested in helping me out a little bit?


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Hey! Do you still need help because I can help if you want :blush:


Yes! That would be amazing! Are you still down to help me out?


Yeah, I can :blush:


If it interested i would i love coding


I enjoy coding a lot so I could help you maybe if your not interested just tell me😊