Hello! I have been an avid user of Episode and have been trying (for months) to get a story published but I get soooo frustrated with the coding. It doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist so after several failures, I give up.

I write my script with scene direction and camera shots. Of course, my partner will be free to move around my characters and shots as they see fit.

I have experience in theater so I do write that way. I think it makes it easy to code that way if I just think of the space as 2D.

Please check the plot below and tell me which story you’re interested in. I can/will do the graphics for my stories as well.

A modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing set in Messina University.

Hero and Beatrice are cousins who could not be more opposite of each other. Once Hero joins her older sister in college, Bea puts it upon herself to take care of her little sister.

But when Hero falls for a jock closely associated with an ex, Bea is forced to hang out with people she looks down upon.

Ladies before Hades COVER SAMPLE
Ladies before Hades Large Cover Sample
You are the daughter of the gods of the Underworld. And you manage to get Hades onboard to let you attend a human college–with the small caveat of having his right-hand watch over you, by making her pretend to be your girlfriend.

Not only do you hate this “right-hand” but the feeling is mutual. You always felt like your father trusts her more than he trusts you. But no matter, you got what you wanted anyway.

You’re a major flirt and a certified social butterfly, just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you are not gonna be looking (and tasting) the menu.

You built a life as a struggling college student with your competitive girlfriend. You worked hard in school. Got the best internships. You’re in love and struggling and having fun.

But after 6 years, your family has finally ordered you to come home.

Naturally, your girlfriend dumps you and you jump straight into working for your family business. And having done such a great job, your brother puts you in charge of a new partnership with an American company.

When you meet your ex again, you’re an executive and she’s the assistant. Can you keep your feelings in check when your heart and your family’s name is on the line?

You had a perfect life. Your girlfriend was hot and popular, and you were average looking but extremely smart. While your gf seems happy with the simple life, you have always dreamed bigger.

So when you turned 18, you went off to join the military and managed to have a prosperous career, becoming the Air Force’s youngest Brigadier General.

…until a scorned enlisted lover gets you in trouble and you get kicked out of the only life you’ve known for the last decade.

Now you’re back at home in your small town, lying in your same old room.

Here is a sample of how I write my Episode script.

My IG is @dhainee thank you!

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I will also be providing editing/beta services for those who offer help. :slight_smile: and I can create covers for your stories as well.

i’d like to help, im not a pro or something but i want to try :sweat_smile:

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Thank you!! Which story were you interested in?

maybe the fourth one;)

What’s WLW?

Women loving women

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