Need Coder ( First STORY)! Limelight

looking for a really good coder who can can make my story vision come true! i need an example pls and thank you i believe this story is one of a kind i think outside the box.

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I wanna do it!

tags @brionyelizabeth @LaurieKrisette @ChayChay @Jassie12dw

I’m good

I’m very good at it can 2 people help

I say @jassie12dw she is amazing or @_hxxd

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send me an example

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send me an example pls

believe me I can think outside the box…



here are our examples! :blush: we have more but I’m a bit… busy so whoever responds can show you our examples


I’m working on one with my bestie @random.girlheer

she asked for a coder

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oh lol… ok yeah I can help!

do u have a story i can read ?

yeah, First Love by @ChayChay and there is an awesome story by @_hxxd just look up their usernames on episode, go to their profile and you’ll see their stories…


These girls are amazing!

@_hxxd @ChayChay @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @jassie12dw

I’d love to help with anything you need too, I’m still currently writing my story but I can help with templates and stuff like that :heart:


Thank you so much :heart::heart:

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