Need coder (skill doesn't matter!)


Heyyy, I have a unreal story idea and i want to make it a series! I’m really passionate about this story and want to make it come true. hope we can work together

PM me or comment if interested.


speak english

same/close time difference to New York!!


off sorry I’m 6 hours ahead of the time :no_mouth:


Omg yes!!!


What’s your Instagram so I can pm you so we can work on it ?!


You should check this out . . . its my thread that I am looking for a writer on. I am live in New York so we have the same time zone lol.


CODER looking for MULTIPLE WRITERS who need a full time coder for their story!


I would love to work with you!! I agree with being active I think we should make a work schedule so we can work on it together! What can I contact you with. Do you have Instagram or whatever?


I’d like to help.


Yah my instagram is @amealia.episode message me on insta please

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