Need Coding help AGAIN! Please help!

Hi guys, I am new to episode and I need help with coding and overlay type of things. If you can help or know someone that can help please reply to my post!

Once I get help, I will write on the title “DONE”

Okay so here’s what I need help with.


In the classroom background I want to add background characters that are sitting behind class desks but when I did this the characters were on top of the desks, how can I put them behind the desk?

Hey what are you stuck on?

In one of my scenes there was a flashback and I had to change the character to show she was at a party and I changed her hair, lipstick, and clothes. But now I don’t know how to change her back to how she originally looked. Because in the start of this episode I let the readers customize the character but I don’t know how to change back into the customization. (Idk if this makes sense)

Thank you!

Also when I try to add labels to the script it doesn’t work this is what happens:
Do you know how I can fix this?

here is a simple way you can do it make a second mc

use the comand

@MC2 becomes MC

and then change the hair and and such, and use the mc2 in the flashback

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Thanks for helping i didnt really know how to explain :heart:

sorry I’m still a bit confused whats MC? Do I put my character’s name there?

Mc means main character. Just put in the main characters name

oh okay thanks!

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So I tried to change the outfit back into the choices but it keeps saying there is an error can anyone help me fix this?

You need a } between each elif to separate them from each other

Didn’t I already do that?

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} Elif (bish is “cute af”)
@charqcter changes into cute af
Then do that with the other choices

Line 1520 just needs to be } else {

It still doesn’t work, I did } else { (…)

Just } else { on the line and nothing else.

} else {
@ARIA changes clothes into cute af

Oh okay, it worked! Thank you so much!!! :grin: