Need coding help! ASAP

Hello I need some help with this coding error I have. For some reason when I put
Narrator (talk_happy_agree)
Then when I click save it wants to correct the name and then it corrects to this
Narrator (narrator)

Can someone help me?

You can contact me here or on insta @ThereISNoregretZ

You can’t add animation to the NARRATOR

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Well it’s just her talking. I used to be able to do it all the time.

I made a character actually.

if the narrator is a character that you’ve made, then it should be capitalised :pleading_face:

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maybe change the character to AUTHOR or something so it doesn’t give mixed up

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NARRATOR (talk_happy_agree)

Like that?

And okay!!

Yea try the NARRATOR (animation) if that doesn’t work change it ig

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If you made a character named NARRATOR, you would need to create a different character with a different script name because the script only recognizes one NARRATOR

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Okay! Tysm