Need Coding Partner

I want to say in advance, this isn’t me needing help with an error all my errors I have are overlays that haven’t been accepted just yet :slight_smile:

Although I do want help to make a top-notch story, I need help with like some plot ideas and advanced or atleast semi-advanced coding.


I could do some coding if ya want :smile:

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Really? That’d be super helpful

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I can start tomorrow (that’s when I’ll be able to access internet on my laptop)

Would you be able to start now or…not to like rush or anything or be rude :slight_smile:


OMG, I’m so sorry! i forgot all about you, I’m all scatterbrain today :woman_facepalming: I can help ya out now

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It’s totally fine! And yay, should we take this convo to a PM then? Or just keep it here…

we can take it to PM if you wish .

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