Need Commissioned artists via Japanese Yen currency

Hi does anyone know about any artist in Insta who does realistic art and takes payment via Japanese Yen only?

as long as they take paypal you should be fine as it converts it :slight_smile:

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My commssions are open. At very cheap rates
And as long as you will use paypal… then it’s okay to have different currency!

You can find me on insta. aswell.
It’s @/tessa_art.28 :relieved:


Have one slot left and as long as it’s Paypal it will convert

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Hey I want to commission you

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u can dm me

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Hi there! As others have mentioned above, PayPal converts currency :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a Commission thread with more examples, and I also have a document linked in that thread with all my info and the process whilst commissioning.


Price Chart

This needs updated. The bottom part is supposed to be “each extra character is 50% off their own total cost”.

Price estimates are commitment free, so feel free to pm if you want to discuss further or have any questions :heartbeat:

Ups my examples and pieces

Shoulder 10$
Waist 15$
Knee 20$
Extra character 50% of the price

Hello dear.
I’m a digital artist and I’m currently taking commissions. PayPal is doable and as it does the conversion for you it should be fine!
Feel free to check my Instagram for more examples and prices.
If you don’t use Instagram tell me and I’ll send differently.
Have a nice day!