Need Cover Art and Profile Picture! Can anyone help?


Hi guys, so I have just started to write my story “Loving Along The Way”.

If anyone is willing to make me a cover art or/and a profile picture please let me know !


I can help with the profile pic


I can make the cover art


Thank you so much i’m new so how does this work?


Thank you , if I can see some of your previews ,and what is your form?


Click on my profile
Hit message
And I’ll take it from there


What do you mean form


Like , where I can give you details.


Oh click o my profile and click message


Have you found what you needed or do you still need someone?


I can do cover art


I can do a pfp


if i could see ine if your preview covers


If I can get one of your previews please


Already found one sorry


Ur fine, it not a big deal lol