Need cover art! artist needed! (CLOSED)

I’m in the need of a piece of cover art for my new story. Credit will be given to the artist.
If interested please comment below and give examples. I’ll pm you if chosen.

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@Ellelou14 I can do it. Examples of mine are here:

Come here send detials to Episode Harmony!

I can help you! @Ellelou14
Request here. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:
Cindy’s Art Shop



If you haven’t already chosen someone, I can PM you some of my examples! Only if you haven’t chosen anyone yet though :smiley:

@Ellelou14 Hey, once you choose your artist can you please let the rest of us know? thx

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Excuse me, attention please! I have chosen an artist. Thank you for volunteering and I am sorry you were not chosen.

Check out my thread x