Need cover art! Artist wanted!

Creating a new story and wanted awesome cover art for it! Style is in ink btw!

The Last Song

Character: Diana
Skin color:Caramel
Eye brow: Seductive Arch
Eye color:Upturn bold, Purple
Hair: Beach wave, Platinum Blond
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lip: Thick

Character name: Kfir
Skin color: Light
Eye brow: Thin Arch
Eye color: Deep piercing, Green
Hair: Spiked Up Hair, Cayenne
Face: Chiseled Square
Nose: Button
Lip: Uneven, blush

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@Epyxcillerie can help you or @Episode_Wonder

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Or I could help but I would like to give the chance to soemone else

We would be happy to help;)

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@Aerial_author i cant see the images of the covers

@Cheirekitten101 if you have some samples of what they have done already that would be cool.

You have to click on the link


Hi I could help if needed

I love your stuff it looks awesome! what do you need from me for you to do my cover and slpashes?

Just details. Story style background you would like what style, drawn or edited the text you want on it etc.

I want the background like a concert and musicical notes in it. My characters styles are in ink and in the first stream has my characters on it of what they look like. the text I want it to look kinda funky but legible so that people can read and can see it says the story is called The Last Song.

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And i also need a black wolf incorporated somehow

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Okay and the splashes?

I want a splash that says there is mature themes and language with my main characters on there. A splash that has this story has sound with my characters Antonio and Nancy have it look lovey dovey. And i need a splash that has my Instagram info with my avatar on it. Also on the title page I need my main character Diana with some fangs.

Character: Antionio
Skin color:taupe
Brow: thick arch
Hair:short curly hair
eyes: classic round, blue
face:square jaw
lip:classic, taupe

Character: Nancy
skin: light
Brow: soft angled
Hair:beach wave, strawberry blond
eyes: downturned bold, blue
face: soft heart
nose:soft neurtal
lip:blossom lip, bublegum pink

Character: Jazzipooh94 (aka Me)
skin: dark
Brow: seductive arch
Hair:long braids, black
eyes: upturn bold, brown
face: soft heart
lip:full round, scarlet

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Okay sure!

Thanks Your AWESOME! :smile::smiley:

Yes of course! I’d there a time you need it done by?

I plan to try to finish my story by Friday so if i can get it by then. As you may know it takes forever for episode to approve stuff lol:rofl:. I want to be able to finish it so that you’d be able to read it to get a feel of the characters. If that’s cool with you or you need more time. Just let me now I’m super flexible.

no I think thats a great idea! Even just a part of the first episode should be enough.