Need Cover Art? Click here! [OPEN]



Hello! If you need cover art for your story, please reply to this thread in the template listed below. I don’t do digital drawn art, I only do edits of characters or use non-copyright art.


  1. Do not ask for cover art if you’re not going to use it. If you want me to change something or re-do it, just ask. I understand if you don’t like it the first time.

  2. Do not ask me to make you art if you’re going to ask on other threads/forums. Similar to rule 1, if you’re going to ask me to make you art, please use it.

  3. Be patient. I am a busy person and art can take from a few hours to as long as 1-2 weeks. I have school and extra curriculars so depending on how busy I am, I may not be able to get your art to you as quickly.

~ = mandatory

Title Font/Font Style
~Pictures of Characters:
Description of Characters (actions, poses, etc.):
~Story Description:
~Large/Small/Both Cover(s):
Special Requests/Additional Info:

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Thank you! I don’t currently have any of my past work saved, but I will post the art I make on my instagram. If you leave your instagram, I’ll post the art I make for you and tag you. I am also currently working on a story and will post it here or on a separate thread when it is out!


Hi! Can you draw an art scene?.
Discription: A girl with long blonde feathered hair with blue eyes and red lips hugging a light brown haired slicked black solid and gorgeous brown eyes. Eyebrows is black diamond soft and he is wearing suit and the girl is wearing a Cowel Neckhalter Silk Red Deep and the guy is wearing another suit. Girl is crying and Guy is comforting her.
If you can just post on your instagram and tag me. I’m following your instagram :grin:
My Instagram: ngliqingepisode_author


Sorry, I don’t do digital art. Thanks for following, though :slight_smile:


Hi Alexa! If you don’t mind, i would love for you to make me a cover for my story “Future’s Curse”!
Galaxy drawing, colors: black, white, purple, blue and anything else galaxy-like :slight_smile:
Episode character: any default female character, because the reader can customize. Character screaming-mad in a corner of the cover.
In another corner: in a futuristic robot font.
In any other available corner: default male character nervous-scared.

Please reply if you need any more details,
Author Claire
PS: Thanks in advance! (I really suck at art :sweat_smile:)
PPS: Thank you so much for doing this :grin:!!


Oops i forgot, when it says “in a futuristic robot font”, i typed “By Author Claire”. So, i meant to say write “By Author Claire” in a futuristic robot font. :kissing_heart:

                                          Best Regards,
                                               Author Claire :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hi! What style would you like the characters to be? Ink, Limelight?


Thank so for asking. Ink I sent better I think


It deleted some words… I think Ink is better.


Alright! I’ll get started on it on Tuesday, when my schedule opens up a bit.


OK great! Awesome! Just one more detail: Did I mention to put Fiture’s Curse in the middle of the cover in a robot font? If id didnt could you do it?


Title: A Blank Canvas
Title Font/Font Style
bookman old style it’s in world
~Pictures of Characters:
Description of Characters (actions, poses, etc.):
Beach wave brown
Green eyes upturned feline
soft natural nose
full round mouth in blush
skin one fair
~Story Description:
Rebecca starts college with the goal of passing, her life is a blank canvas and waiting for a story to be told, what happens when an attractive guy and new girl scribble black blobs of paint all over it?
~Large/Small/Both Cover(s):
Special Requests/Additional Info: idk
Instagram: Amazon_Lexa


~Title: Damaged
~Author: GG
~Character details:

The character is screaming.
~Small cover.
~Instagram: gg_writer

PS: Thanks in advance❤️


Can you make art scenes?


~Title: My Brother’s Best Friend

~Title Font/Font Style: Cursive

~Author(s): Autumn.Mettler

~Pictures of Characters:

~Description of Characters (actions, poses, etc.): The girl is going to be in the flirt_shy pose and the guy is going to be in the flirt_coy pose

~Story Description: You have liked your brothers best friend for 10 years. So what happens when you find out he likes you too?

~Large/Small/Both Cover(s): I would like you to do both a small and a large cover for me

~Instagram: amettler.episode


Hey! If you don’t mind, could you make me an art cover??
¤Title: HOGWARTS MYSTERY (in any font you think would fit)
¤Author: flyingovertherainbow
¤Character: Make the girl look as young as possible (around 12 years old) (Limelight) (Choose a pose you think fits)
¤Story Description: It’s YOUR turn to experience Hogwarts. When you first get your letter, only excitement builds up inside you. But when the day’s finally here, your hands gets sweaty. What will happen on your adventure as a witch?
¤Size: Large
Just replay me if I left some info out :slight_smile:
Thank you! :sunny: