Need Cover art! *CLOSED*


I need someone who can create a cover art for me. I am not good at doing digital art so I need help with it.


I can help you


Oh, you will?! Thank you so much!


Do you want characters in it


This is what the main character looks like. I kinda want a dark looking background, like graveyard kinda scene.


Do you need any more information or are you good? Also, I want to know how long will it take, because I am still working on the first 3 episodes, so I don’t want you to put yourself through too much stress making it for me. It’s taking some time to get it done, so please take your time too.


Whta is the background you want for the cover ?


Oh, it’s the one at the graveyard (not sure what it is called), or if that is too much, then it can just be a plain black background. Not too fussed about it.


Do you still need it ? :slight_smile:


Yes, I need it because I don’t have anything at the moment. And I am working to publish my work soon. :smile:


Alright , what do I need to know?


What’s the Pose of your char may i ask and sorry I forgot about this


Could I have a pic of her (not cropped , the whole body) and do you want anyone else with her? Also drawn , or edited? And last but not least what’s your author name ?


Also I don’t want to offend anyone! You are an amazing artist I just search and try to take some requests :slight_smile: I just search it and find theese , and then I ask if they still need help. One of us can do the small cover and the other the large one :slight_smile:


Thanks so much and I think I can hand it over ot oyu I have school starting soon


Alright :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the help! I want her to be in a dark/sad environment. I want her on her own. You can choose an appropriate pose and you can choose to either edit or draw the image.
Author: HM_Writes


The image looked squashed, so here is better image.


Alright, I want her to pose talk sad and I’ll do it in a bit , I’m ending some splashes :slight_smile:


I’m ready to work on your cover. Could you send her in a sad animation?