Need Cover art! *CLOSED*



Thanks so much! I’ll work on it rn!:slight_smile:


Thank you for helping me!


It’s my pleasure :slight_smile: np! Also what’s the story called and what’s your author name ?


Sorry for the late reply, but good luck with school and thank you for offering your help, I really appreciate it. :smile:


Author Name: HM_Writes
Title: Heavy Heart


Thanks :slight_smile:


Basically it will be kind of edited but also a bit drawn :slight_smile:


I don’t mind. :smile:


Here it is , I have no battary lol :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s not bad. I will clean it up a bit myself, but all credit will be given to you. Thank you for that! Now, I don’t have to worry about the cover. I will message you in the future, allowing you to see the final cover, if that’s okay.


That’sounds totally okay, I could make a few changes myself if you want to , just tell me :slight_smile: or else you could do it yourself, hope you are happy with it and I don’t have a problem with me or you editing it :slight_smile:


I just wanted to clean up the lines and probably remove a bit of the mascara smudge at the top of the eyelid. But everything else is fine. How do you draw and edit it because I’m more traditional when it comes to art, I have no clue in digital art. What do you use?


I use adobe illustrator draw good luck and tell me if you need something! :slight_smile: