Need Cover Art for Episode Story


I need a cover for my story Loving Two can anyone help me or possibly make one for me.


go here




can you please send the details?


A love triangle with the bad boy and the good boy. What happens when they finally notice you?

(just saying the main character is platinum blonde and bad boy has black hair, and the other has blonde.)

I want all three of them in the cover.


Also can you make a splash.
Cover as background saying chapter 1, then 2, then 3


But i just want to see the cover first


Yes @SilverStar here is the info above




What r the looks exactly? :thinking:
Other than the hair…


I can make you splashes if you want :smile:


sorry we already making it for her


Here are how they look like


Okay what about the animation


Also what is the background for the splash


all i want is that the boys give a flirtatious look
and she is going to blush


for the splash i don’t know yet
i will tell you after i get the cover,
but i have been thinking for a solid background for the splash






Yours will be done today


when will be done, its been nine days