Need cover art for free

Hey guys I creating my first ever episode story. I have 3 chapters done working on the 4. I was about to publish it but I realized that I don’t have any cover art. I will give credit to whoever helps me. I don’t have any money tho. I’m just doing this for fun! I appreciate anyone’s help thank you!! I really wanna get my story out and publish. Thank you!!

Ruby is a spy who just got their big break to go undercover as a contestant on a reality tv show. She has one goal, to win. But once you get on the show you things start to happen off camera. People start randomly missing and they’re mysterious deaths. Its you to you to keep Ruby alive and make it to the end of the show! Can you do it?

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Are you looking for something edited or drawn?

If edited is fine, I can help, here’s a link to my shop. Examples are uploaded there.

Read the rules and fill out the form correctly if you’re interested.

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Thank You! I just put my form on your art shop Thank you!!