Need cover art for my story asap!



Hi, I am looking for someone who can do cover art, I am wanting a large and small cover for my story. If you want more details please dm on Instagram at epi_lou


go here Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes)


EpsiodeStudio can help I find you would like… just give us the details and we can have it done within 30 mins


We can do quick, easy, efficient, AWESOME art!!


What are the details?



we can be done in 10 minutes if its a splash or cover


I want these two characters to be on the front but you can design however you like, my story is about werewolves, you can change their outfits if you want. And yes I would like a Splash,.


It will be done in 30 minutes


Done in 15 by @ChayChay or @eden.episode


thank you


That’s the way we work at Episode Studio. @eden.episode can you do it?


All I need I say title and author name


Yeah I’ll try😊


It’s a splash.


the name of the story is Celine and my name on episode is luna or you could us epi_lou


outfit name


One more question… what genre? So we can get a good background for you


and background


it’s fantasy