Need Cover Art for my story!

Hi! My story is called Two of a Kind and I was wondering if someone would be interested in making my small and Large cover art?! I’m terrible at making cover art for stories ! lol
I would like the title of my story and my name (Giana) on it! these are the characters!

BLYTHE BRAXTON AND HOLDEN all have white hair and eyes! If I could somehow get those features enhanced that would be AMAZING! and BLYTHE is COLLINS love interest so if I could have him holding he with one arm and having a gun in the other that would be great too! AND BRAXTON and HOLDEN can be in the background both with their arms crossed looking kind of ticked off that would be amazing too! the background I am not picky on! So you can have free reign with that ! If you guys need anything else please let me know!
hair- beachwave color white
eyes- upturned bold color white
face - oval
eyebrows- seductive arch
nose- aquiline
lips- full round color scarlette

skin- carmel
hair- Man Bun color white
eyes- deepset piercing color white
eyebrows- medium sharp
face- square jaw
nose- button
lips- uneven color terrcotta

Skin- carmel
hair- unstyled faux hawk color white
eyes- deepset piercing color white
face- stubble
nose - button
lips - classic color terracotta
brow - medium sharp

hair - short cropped color chestnut
skin - honey
brow- thick arch
eyes - deepset piercing color green
face - square jaw
lips - classic color terracotta
nose - strong

if anything else is needed please let me know !

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I actually messaged @xxcookiexx not to long ago! you guys all seem so talented ! I would love for one of you to do my work!!


Thanks! We all are very hard workers. And would love to do your art.

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I would absolutely love that !! Is there anything else you guys need from me?! I can tell you guys work hard all your work is amazing !! I will also be sure to give credit to you guys for doing it also!

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I’m also in no rush! My story is ready to publish, but I can always work on more episodes for it! I would like in in ideally 3 to 4 weeks, but if you guys are slammed I totally understand !

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Do you want it as an edit?

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Yes! I actually love the style of that you are mine cover you guys did! I like the grungy look to it! if I could get something kind of like that, that would be awesome! Your guy’s works looks great so I totally trust your judgement, because it would be way better than anything I could of ever done! lol

Lol, thank you. And thank you for not rushing and giving us 3-4 weeks to complete. Even tho it’s very kind and thoughtful it won’t take that long, it might take a couple days.

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Sounds great!!! If you need anything else from me please let me know! I’m so excited to see them! :grin::grin:

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Will do. :joy:

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What background do you want?

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Honestly, that I wasn’t 100% sure on I would like some sort of night fall setting !


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I’m sure whatever you would use will be great!

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I lied it’s finished now. If there’s anything that needs to be fixed just let me know.
Small cover

I made two for you to decide.
Large cover

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I love that background! is there anyway to make holden and Braxton slightly more visable?! and have my name in the bottom right corner instead of the center?! and the title font a little less blurred and a simpler font like century gothic or something of that sort?! other than that its amazing !!! thank you!!

So, I just realized you wanted the eyes and hair to pop out. So here it is. Again if you want me to fix anything just let me know.

Actually the hair looks great being enhanced, if you can make the eyes back to normal that would be great! I love the new font and the color of it, but could you possibly just have it going across the center of the page?! like along blythe and Collins torso’s?! and I think then it will be perfect!!

Lol, I thought the eyes were creepy too. Ya, I could definitely do that.

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